Art and wine have long been associated, both subjective but rewarding. However, apart from a wine’s colour, the medium for enjoyment are its sensory flavours; gustatory perception: in comparison art is visual. Both are forms of human expression and emotive. Dom Perignon, therefore, are striving to extend the visual, each year partnering with world famous artists to represent their great cuvee through art. The collaboration started with Andy Warhol’s studio and has since succeeded with David Lynch, Jeff Koons and Iris Van Herpen. Each has risen steeply in price since, such is the demand, as demonstrated by the table below. Continuing their Power of Creation project this year they have partnered with the contemporary artist Michael Riedel, which has just released. Offered today at the new release price of £555 per case of six, it offers a large discount to their past vintages.

2006Michael Riedel97£555
2004Iris Van Herpen97£900
2004Jeff Koons97£900
2003David Lynch94+£625
2002Andy Warhol98£1,000

The table demonstrates that these collaborations perform best in great vintages and the 2006 is certainly that. The 2006 vintage is one of their finest ever, on par with the 1996, 2002 and 2004. It is also a truly great Dom Perignon, which has been awarded 97 points from Richard Juhlin, making it the finest Dom Perignon ever. Antonio Galloni follows suit, awarding it 97 points. In fact, Galloni believes the 2006 to be a combination of the 2002 and 2004; ‘the 2006 shows off fabulous intensity in a style that brings together the ripeness of 2002 with the greater sense of verve and overall freshness that is such a signature of the 2004.’

Michael Riedel is a young German contemporary artist who has enjoyed global success and acclaim over recent years with exhibitions in the USA and Europe. Riedel has applied his talents specifically in the use of letters and digitization to create a quite stunning design for Dom Perignon’s most recent and modern collaboration. Riedel uses the initials ‘D’ and ‘P’ to represent the transformation of Dom Perignon as it ages on its lees by using “poetic optical metaphor for the passage of time”. Following collectors’ disappointment at the Bjork and Chris Cunningham release last year, Dom Perignon have sensationally returned to the essence of their collaboration project and chosen an artist who perfectly captures both the complexity in producing the Champagne and the world-famous brand. The Maison have severely limited production this year and demand is already high. We expect the primary release to sell out before Christmas and prices to increase as the secondary market takes advantage of the arbitrage between the 2004 limited edition releases and the equally superb 2006.

We are delighted to be able to offer the special collaboration today, both as a case of six and as single gift boxes. Each bottle in the case of six come in their own artist’s design gift box, which we can offer at the market lowest price of £555 in bond. We can also offer single bottles for £100. The 2006 is a magnificent vintage, which is truly collectable, of which Juhlin proclaims; “It’s not often you fall backwards when a wine is first launched on the market. This time both me and my friends, who got to try this jewel at my champagne bar, fell in love instantly.’  The special artistic collaboration adds greater weight to its collectability and prestige and as such are superb collector’s items and also make magnificent Christmas presents.

Dom Perignon Michael Riedel Limited Edition 2006, 6×75, £555 IB

The 2006 Dom Pérignon is a beautifully balanced, harmonious Dom Pérignon that strikes an incredibly appealing stylistic middle ground. Rich, voluptuous and creamy, the 2006 shows off fabulous intensity in a style that brings together the ripeness of 2002 with the greater sense of verve and overall freshness that is such a signature of the 2004. Bass notes and a feeling of phenolic grip on the finish recall the 2003, as the Pinot Noir is particularly expressive today. After an irregular summer that saw elevated temperatures in July followed by cooler, damp conditions in August, more favorable weather returned in September, pushing maturation ahead and leading to a long, protracted harvest. The 2006 falls into the family of riper, more voluptuous Dom Pérignons, but without veering into the level of opulence seen in vintages such as 2002. 97 Points, Antonio Galloni

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