The 2013 vintage is elegant and fresh, it comes into its own with the 1er Cru and Grand Cru white wines, which are made in tiny quantities due to intense selection. They are beautiful, enveloping wonderful freshness, with crisp acidity and lovely concentration. Moreover, the minerality is delightful and the wines are finessed and perfumed. In fact there are mutterings among many that this could be the best white wine vintage since 2010, time will tell.

As such we are delighted to offer Domaine Bouchard’s stunning wines, Meursault Les Perrieres and Les Genevrieres. The vineyards Les Perrieres and Les Genevrieres lie at the southern tip of the Meursault village and unsurprisingly they have the best terroir, with soil comprised of Bathonian origin, interlaced with Callovian Limestone, white marl and covered with limestone debris. Wines from these vineyards abound with the tell-tale aromatics of Meursault hazelnuts and gain intense complexity with age.

Les Perrieres is the stoniest of the vineyards, it also embodies the most Puligny-like flavours, after all it borders the village of Puligny. It is the most elegant of the Meursault vineyards, with floral notes of honeysuckle, apple blossom and acacia, with wonderful minerality. Many argue and rightly in our opinion, this ought to be classified as Grand Cru – Meursault boasts no Grand Crus. Les Genevrieres is the more opulent, round and exotic than Les Perrieres. Wines from Les Genevrieres are more luscious, fleshier and take on spicy notes abundant with citrus.

Meursault Les Perrieres and Les Genevrieres are therefore hugely desirable and command extremely high prices, particularly when it comes to Comte Lafon and Coche Dury. For example in 2012 Coche Dury Meursault Les Perrieres scored 92-94 from Burghound and costs £4,500 a case of six bottles. Bouchard scored 92 points and costs £290. This is axiomatic of many vintages:


Moreover, the same is true for Les Genevrieres where in 2012 Coche Dury and Comte Lafon both received 91-94 points from Burghound and cost £4,000 and £750 respectively, Bouchard costs £250 with a score of 92.


We are huge fans of Coche Dury and Comte Lafon’s Meursault Les Perrieres and Les Genevrieres, they are truly remarkable wines. However, we feel that for £270 and £240 respectively, Bouchard’s Meursault Les Perrieres and Les Genevrieres offer quite remarkable value for money. We tasted both this week and were extremely impressed, they are made in tiny quantities and are highly sought after, not least for the high regard in which they are held and the superb pricing, the price over points speak for themselves.

Finally, we have a tiny allocation of Bouchard’s Le Montrachet, the most famous white wine in the world. The entire vineyard of Le Montrachet produces less than 3,000 cases a year and is hugely sought after. The quality is magnificent and it has a price tag to match, such is its renown and desirability.

Domaine Bouchard Pere et Fils
Domaine Bouchard Pere et Fils was founded in 1731 and as such is one of the oldest producers in the Cote d’Or, representing a tradition that extends for nine generations over 280 years. Throughout their history the family continuously sought to acquire the very best plots in the leading villages and today they are the largest landowners in the Cote d’Or with 71 Premier Cru and Grand Cru sites. In 1995 Bouchard Pere et Fils was bought by the Henriot Family Group which begun a new phase in their history by providing the financial might to take on the operation. Over recent years they have been going from strength to strength and making extremely impressive wine.

Dom Bouchard P&F 1er Cru Meursault Les Perrieres 6×75 – £270 EP
Dom Bouchard P&F 1er Cru Meursault Les Genevrieres 6×75 – £245 EP
Dom Bouchard P&F Grand Cru Le Montrachet 6×75 – £1,950 EP

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