Chateau Pavie 2015
100 Pts JS, 96-98 Pts WA

12×75 – £2,650 EP
6×75 – £1,325 EP


Chateau Angelus 2015
99-100 Pts JS, 95-97 Pts WA

12×75 – £2,650 EP
6×75 – £1,325 EP

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2015 En Primeur Expected Spring 2018 

This morning Angelus and Pavie, the OPEC of St Emilion, have miraculously released at the same price, £2,650 per case of 12 bottles or £1,325 per case of six. For Angelus and Pavie this represents a 55% ex-London increase in 2014, but a discount to their 2005, 2009 and 2010 current trading prices.

There is an attractive dynamic developing with Pavie and Angelus since their promotion to Premier Grand Cru Classe A in September 2012. Since then their prices have risen steadily, while Pavie fights to achieve price parity with its neighbour, many expect that over the coming five years these two right bank First Growths will catch-up with their left bank peers. In 2015 both already have 100 point scores and are future legends from these estates!

In 2015, Angelus has been awarded a potential perfect score from James Suckling, his highest ever, who declared ‘I have never tasted a wine from here with such incredible clarity.’ It has been awarded 95-97 points from Neal Martin, who declares his love ‘Oh là là. This is a sexy, but compelling Angelus, fit for “007” and wine-lovers everywhere.’ It is clearly a stunning Angelus set to rival the 2009 and 2010.

The 2015 release price is a 24% discount to the 2005 and marginally less than the 2009 and 2010. With a potential 100 point score it is an Angelus for the ages, combining powerful and incredible balance, with the pedigree of its finest vintages, a stunner and a legendary Angelus in the making.

AngelusJSWAPriceRelease Price


Pavie’s release has been awarded a perfect 100 points from James Suckling, once again his highest ever: ‘For me, this redefines Pavie.’ Neal Martin awards it 96-98 points saying ‘a great Pavie with a very long life ahead, though I would cellar it for at least a decade to witness it in full flight.’

Pavie’s price today represents a discount to equivalent vintages, an average of 10% below the 2009, 2010 and 2005. It is a stunning, if not an unyieldingly powerful wine that could age for 100 years.

PavieJSWAPriceRelease Price




Chateau Angelus 2015

James Suckling, 99-100 Points
This shows the purity of Angelus. I have never tasted a wine from here with such incredible clarity. Full body, full fruit and full beauty. Super silky tannins. A joy to taste. Makes you want to drink it. 62% merlot and 38% cabernet franc.

Neal Martin, 95-97 Points
The 2015 Angelus is a blend of 62% Merlot and 38% Cabernet Franc, picked from 22 September finishing on 14 October. “We found a nice homogeneity with the Merlot lots,” I was told when I visited. “The old Cabernet Franc was very nice, but the younger vines were blended into the second label. This year, it is especially the Merlot that lends a lot of harmony to the wine. This year, the Merlot have some of the qualities of the Cabernet Franc, the precision and freshness. They give the generosity and sweetness.” The wine was aged in 100% new oak at 11 degrees Celsius so they could add less sulfur to keep the freshness of the aromas and maintain the elegance of the wine. It offers a complex array of aromas such as black cherry, camphor, oyster shells and Japanese nori, beautifully defined and very focused. The palate is medium-bodied but powerful with layer of svelte tannins and a keen thread of acidity; layers of black fruit laced with spices, baking powder, mint and white pepper. It feels long in the mouth, insistently clinging for a minute after the wine has departed. Oh là là. This is a sexy, but compelling Angelus, fit for “007” and wine-lovers everywhere. 

Antonio Galloni, 94-96 Points           
In 2015, Angélus is 62% Merlot and 38% Cabernet Franc. It is also one of the most powerful, vertical wines of the vintage. A rush of sweet floral and spice notes appear first, before waves of intense, inky/purplish fruit take hold of all the senses. The tannins need time to soften, probably quite a bit of time, but there is no denying the wine’s sheer beauty. I came back to the 2015 several hours later and found a wine that had blossomed beautifully with air. The 2015 will be magnificent once the tannins soften. Readers will have to be patient, as that is likely to take a decade-plus to happen. 


Chateau Pavie 2015

James Suckling, 100 Points
For me, this redefines Pavie. The depth and intensity and more important, the clarity, is really something. Full and ultra-fine tannins. It shows such great tannins and finesse. It is the essences of Pavie.

Neal Martin, 96-98 Points
The 2015 Pavie is a blend of 60% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Franc and 18% Cabernet Sauvignon that is matured in 80% new oak and 20% one-year-old barrels. It has a really quite glorious bouquet that is sensual and very well defined and pure. In my opinion, just dialing down the new oak even by 15% is allowing more personality and more terroir-expression to filter through. The palate is medium-bodied with supple, ripe, lace-like tannins and a fine bead of acidity. It feels caressing and sensual in the mouth with superb mineralité and purity on the vivacious and sustained finish. This is unquestionably the best wine from Gérard Perse in 2015: a great Pavie with a very long life ahead, though I would cellar it for at least a decade to witness it in full flight. 

Antonio Galloni, 95-98 Points
One of the wines of the vintage, the 2015 Pavie is dense, powerful and seamless. A huge, spherical wine, even for the year, the 2015 exudes depth. Even with all of its intensity, the 2015 retains striking freshness and nuance, with plenty of bright red stone fruit and floral notes taking center stage. The super-extracted, oak-driven style that was such a Pavie signature a decade ago seems to be giving way to a more refined approach that showcases fruit, richness and purity. This is a superb showing from Gerard Perse and consulting winemaker Michel Rolland.


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