Chateau Giscours 2015 – 94-96 Pts WA, 96-97 Pts JS, 

12×75 – £390 EP

6×75 – £195 EP

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This afternoon one of the most exciting wines of the campaign has released, Chateau Giscours. In 2015 Giscours has received its highest ever score, awarded an incredible 94-96 points from Neal Martin, 96-97 form James Suckling and 93-96 from Antonio Galloni. As such it is capable of commanding a high price, yet the Estate has chosen to release very attractively at £390 per case of 12. This represents a 31% ex-London increase on last year and a 24% euro increase: the 2014 has risen 11% since its release last year. Most importantly, the 2015’s price is a 15% discount to the 91 point scoring 2010 and 22% lower than the 94 point scoring 2009.

Following his score of 96-97, Suckling says ‘Clearly the best Giscours since 1970 and 1975’, Neal Martin follows suit stating ‘Having tasted the 1961 and 1970 Giscours just a few months ago, I wager that the 2015 will be the best since the 1961. Time to fall back in love with this great Margaux property.’  This is unquestionably the greatest ever from here and a future legend. In 2015 the wines from the Margaux Commune have excelled and Giscours could be the greatest beneficiary of the villages’ high quality, arguably on par with the 95-97 scoring Chateau Palmer which will release at five times the price. For £32.50, this is one of the best buys of the 2015 campaign, it is not to be missed and is sure to trade heavily on the secondary market over the coming months as the market scrambles to secure cases.


GiscoursJSWAPriceRelease Price
2015 96-97 94-96£390£390
2014 92-93 89-91£300£270
2013 90-91 n/a£280£270
2012 92 90£310£300
2011 92 88£320£315
2010 95 91£460£495
2009 95 94£500£415
2008 n/a 90£370£255
2007 91 86£290£265
2006 n/a 88£330£270
2005 95 91£370£330



History of the Estate
The history of Giscours can be traced back to the 14th century and represents a fascinating story. Records show that the first vines were planted in 1552 when the Estate was sold to Pierre de l’Horme, a wealthy Bordeaux draper, who bought a nobleman’s house called “Guyscoutz” and proceeded to turn it into a vast Estate. Following this, there were several owners of the Estate but it wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th Century, when the property was purchased by the Pescatore family, that Giscour’s great era of winemaking truly began. In 1845, the Pescatore family hired Pierre Skawinski to manage their Estate. Skawinski proved to be one of the great agriculturalists of the Médoc and was hugely influential in making Giscours one of the most reputable Third Growths in Bordeaux. Today, the Estate is owned by Dutch businessman Eric Albada Jelgersma, who continues to produce world class wines.

Located in the Margaux appellation, in the communes of Labarde and Arsac, it is here that the terroir works in favour for Giscours presenting all the required qualities to produce excellent wine. One of the key features of this Estate is the three magnificent gravel hilltops, deposited by the Garonne at the beginning the Quaternary. The property consists of 90 hectares of vines, spread out over several plots. Of the Grand Vin, Chateau Giscours there is annual production of 25,000 cases.

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Neal Martin, 94-96 Points  
The 2015 Giscours is a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot. That is in stark comparison to older vintages, for example the 2000 Giscours that was 50/50 Cabernet and Merlot. This vintage is matured in 50% new oak. Winemaker Alexandre Van Beek told me that the 2015 “…reflects the true terroir at Giscours that created the great wines of the 1960s and 1970s.” That is something to live up to with fresh memories of the 1961 in my brain. The bouquet is very intense and almost “untamed” at first, but it calms down in the glass, revealing attractive scents of blackberry, raspberry, cedar and graphite. This is a Giscours determined to make a good impression…and it does. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannin, very pure, a little spicier than recent vintages, adorned with a gentle crescendo in the mouth towards a really quite fantastic, tensile, complex and compelling finish. Having tasted the 1961 and 1970 Giscours just a few months ago, I wager that the 2015 will be the best since the 1961. Time to fall back in love with this great Margaux property.

James Suckling, 96-97 Points  
This sets a new level for Giscours with blackberry, black truffle and blueberry. So much walnut and cedar. Full body, dense and incredibly long and powerful. Clearly the best Giscours since 1970 and 1975.  

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