Following on from our sell out offer of the 93-95 point scoring Malescot St. Exupery 2015, we are delighted to release something even more exciting. We posited with Malescot St. Exupery – which we released for £370 per case of 12 bottles – that Bordeaux still offers the best value vs. quality in the world of wine. Franc Mayne offers even better value, it has also been awarded 93-95 points from Neal Martin, yet released today for £215, per case of 12 bottles, £18 per bottle. This gives it a Price Over Points Ratio of 15, which is unheard of in Bordeaux, let alone for a St. Emilion Grand Cru Classe! In 2015 the villages of Margaux and St. Emilion are taking the headlines and here, in a great vintage like 2015, incredible gems can be found. Other leading estates to be awarded 93-95 points this year are Montrose and Lynch Bages, which will release at more than four to six times the price of Franc Mayne!

The 2005 and 2009 vintage of Franc Mayne are priced 50% higher than the 2015’s release price. With a potential score of 95 points the 2015 is extraordinarily undervalued. Furthermore, production averages 1,400 cases per vintage, so this is selling out very quickly across Bordeaux. There is no 2013 or 2014 on the market at all and the score, price and low production makes Franc Mayne a must buy wine for future drinking and investment. There are few, if any, wines in the world that can be bought for £18 but age for 25 years!

Franc MayneWine AdvocatePrice

Franc Mayne began producing commercial wines in the 1700s, although there are ruins on the Estate dating back to the ancient Romans who had cultivated vines on the property. The Estate has changed hands many times over the years including ownership by AXA-Millesimes in the late 80s, alongside their flagship Chateau, Pichon Baron. The Laviale family bought the Estate in 2004 and since then have worked hard over the last decade to increase the quality of the wine, with great results.

The Laviales made the instant decision to add 10% Cabernet Franc to the blend, which was 100% Merlot up until that point. The vines thrive in the rich terroir of clay, limestone and sand soils. The quality of the wine has seen steady improvement over the last ten vintages, culminating in the triumphant 2015 vintage!

Also released and available:

  • Grand Puy Ducasse 2015, £275, 12x75cl – 90-92 Pts
  • Valandraud 2015, 12x75cl, £1,100 – 95-97 Pts
  • d’Armailhac 2015, £300, 12x75cl – 92-93 Pts
  • Kirwan 2015, £330, 12×75 – 93-94 Pts
  • Beychevelle 2015, £530, 12x75cl – 92-94 Pts
  • Fombrauge 2015, £170, 12x75cl – 94-95 Pts
  • Gazin 2015, £470, 12x75cl – 96 Pts
  • Chasse Spleen 2015 £205, 12x75cl – 94-95 Pts
  • Guiraud 2015, £315, 12x75cl – 96-97 Pts
  • Coutet 2015, £280, 12x75cl – 94-97 Pts

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Neal Martin, 93-95 Points  
The 2015 Franc-Mayne has a refined and detailed bouquet with blackberry, raspberry coulis and a touch of cedar emerging from the glass. This is a classy bouquet in the making. The palate is fresh and vibrant with succulent red berry fruit overlaying a fine lattice of tannin. Precise, focused and elegant without compromising the fruit, this is perhaps the best wine that I have tasted from this estate. Bravo!

To buy this wine please reply to this email or telephone +44 (0)203 195 8055. Offer subject to availability. 

En Primeur – Why buy through IG Wines:

  • We only work with the largest and best financed negociants in Bordeaux
  • We guarantee delivery of all wines purchased en primeur
  • We are owned one third by a large family office and very well-financed
  • Since our foundation in 2011 we have grown our client base to over 1,500 private clients in ten different countries

IG Wines offer a choice of bottling for en primeur orders:

  • Bottles (12x75cl or 6x75cl) – No Charge
  • Halves (12×37.5cl or 24×37.5cl) – £12.00 per case
  • Magnums (6x150cl or 3x150cl) – £7.00 per case
  • Double Magnums (3 x 300cl) – £50.00 per case
  • Imperials (1 x 600cl) – £25.00 each