The Burgundy 2015 fan-fair is now in full flow. It is a very fine vintage indeed, although not a large one and with a minuscule crop in the horizon for 2016 many Grand Crus seem fully priced on release. Allen Meadows aka Burghound has just released part one of his much anticipated 2015 Burgundy report. He opines that 2015 is ‘a genuinely great vintage and great from top to bottom’. Meadows feels the wines offer sublime quality for buyers of every level, ‘… in all my years of visiting Burgundy I have never seen a better vintage for wines at the bottom of the appellation hierarchy. To be sure, it’s great at the top as well but if ever there was a vintage to explore for value, it’s this one.’ The Wine Advocate’s Neal Martin was equally enthusiastic imploring collectors to make no mistake, 2015 Burgundy is a great vintage’ and he calls the fruit ‘…precocious due to the warmth of the growing season, often counterbalanced by good levels of acidity and freshness.’ This is good news, in Burgundy 2015 wines shine from Village level up.

Today we are pleased to release four superb buys from the excellent Domaine Joseph Drouhin. Drouhin was founded in 1880 and is run today by his grandchildren. The Maison is one of the most respected wine producing names in Burgundy, with holdings in some of the most exceptional vineyards in the Cote d’Or. Robert Drouhin, the current owner and director has guided the Domaine to new heights and his children are amongst the most intelligent of the current wine dynasties, they were one of the first to introduce biodynamic practices. Their philosophy is to let the personality of the grapes drive the wine, with oak usage only for harmony.

Joseph Drouhin reds are stunning in 2015, displaying a real poise and elegance, the whites are among the very best in this vintage, balancing ripe fruit with ample minerality, the component most required for this vintage. Moreover, unlike many others the wines do not show much of a price premium on last year, which make them extremely appealing.

We are pleased to be able to offer Domaine Joseph Drouhin Gevrey Chambertin Village, which is a superb example of a leading Village from this great terroir. It has been awarded 93 points from Tim Atkin and 88-90 from Neal Martin. It costs £28.30 per bottle, £170 per case of six, superb value for money. There is real quality here at this price point and a great way to secure a well-priced leading 2015.

Domaine Joseph Drouhin make a superb Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Cazetiers, one of the higher scoring 1er Cru plots from Burghound, perennially receiving his purple heart; last year it was scored 93 points, we can expect more in 2015, once Burghound releases his part two of his report. The 2015 has been awarded 93 points from Tim Atkin and is yet untasted by Neal Martin. Cazetiers is considered one of the best 1er Cru sites in the whole of Burgundy. It occupies 80ha to the west of the village of Gevrey Chambertin and boarders another great Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Vineyard, Clos Saint Jacques to the north. Cazetiers faces east and is one of the most elevated vineyards in the Cote de Nuits, nearly the same altitude as the Grand Cru vineyard of Chambertin, allowing it to benefit from maximum exposure to the sun in the early hours of the morning. The soil is rich in limestone helping drainage and to retain heat during the day. The 2015 is released today for £365 which in the context of this vintage offers a superb entry point at £60 a bottle.

We are big fans of Drouhin’s leading white plots. The village of Puligny Montrachet needs no introduction, occupying the very summit of great white wine. Producers tend to ensure the wines display elegance, rather than intense fruit, incorporating less oak and allowing the wines’ natural beauty to shine through. Les Folatieres is the largest 1er Cru in the village. It is known for a full, meaty personality with lots of minerality and plenty of weight. Clos de la Garenne lies next to Les Folatieres, owned by the Duc de Magenta, famed for peach, almond and spiced flavours, lending itself to a ripe and velvety finish.

Last year these were awarded 93-95 points from Neal Martin, they remain unscored by him and Burghound in 2015. However, Tim Atkin has awarded them 94 points each, extremely impressive scores which speak of their great promise. More incredibly they are priced at £255 per case of six, which for leading 1er Cru white plots, means they must be considered very strong buys in this vintage.

The above wines offer great quality at extremely attractive price points. 2015 is a sell-out vintage, with the market willing to pay elevated prices to own what will be remembered as special. However, the four wines above offer superb scores and potential, yet the Domaine has stuck to a very sensible pricing strategy.

If you would like to be offered Grand Crus from the vintage, please do let us know as we allocate these on an individual basis.

Domaine Joseph Drouhin Gevrey Chambertin Village 2015 – 6×75 – £170 EP –  93 Pts, Atkin

Domaine Joseph Drouhin Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Cazetiers 2015 – 6×75 – £265 EP – 93 Pts, Atkin

Domaine Joseph Drouhin Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Les Folatieres 2015 – 6×75 – £255 EP – 94 Pts, Atkin  

Domaine Joseph Drouhin Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Clos de la Garenne 2015 –  6×75 – £255 EP – 94 Pts, Atkin

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