We are delighted to be able to release a pair of wines which offer tremendous value from one of Australia’s most exciting producers; the 98-point 2018 vintage of Amon Ra, and the 97-point Anaperenna from Ben Glaetzer. Ben’s flagship wine is his 100% Shiraz Amon Ra, a wine which is named for the King of the Gods in Egyptian mythology as well as being believed to be the first temple to ever plant a monoculture vineyard for the auspices of the temple citizens. In 2018 it has certainly left an impression on The Wine Advocate’s Joe Czerwinski who awarded it a top score of 98 Points, declaring, “Certainly one of the best vintages of young Amon Ra I’ve ever tasted, the 2018 Amon Ra Shiraz is a stupendous effort. […] it starts off with a whirlwind of mocha, blackberry and dried spices, then actually gets more red-fruited as it sits in the glass. Full-bodied, rich and concentrated without being jammy or overdone, the wine finishes long and savory, framed by dusty tannins and mouthwatering black olives.” It is available for the release price of just £235 per case of 6 IB, an exceptional price for a wine of this calibre especially considering it is also the cheapest of any vintage available in the UK market today, despite receiving the joint highest ever score of 98 Points from The Wine Advocate (along with the 2004 vintage, which is currently trading at four times the price.)

Amon RaPoints Price (6x75cl)


Completing our duo today is Anaperenna, an 82% Shiraz and 18% Cabernet Sauvignon blend whose name is inspired by the Roman Goddess of the New Year, Anna Perenna who was asked by her followers to grant them longevity and a healthy year with each glass of wine drunk on the first full moon of the Roman calendar (March 15th). Available today at the release price of £185 per case of 6 IB, the 2018 vintage is sensational value for money with its 97-point score from The Wine Advocate, who underline, “The nose is smoky, slightly herbal and marked by sweet cedar- and vanilla-tinged oak, but it also offers great cassis and blackberry fruit. Full-bodied, rich and concentrated, the flavors are kept nicely in check by fine-grained tannins. This wine has it all: terrific intensity, complexity, length and texture.” This is a wine which will offer immense immediate drinking enjoyment, but thanks to its fine crafted structure is also imbued with decades of drinkability.
Ben Glaetzer is one of the most exciting young winemakers the world over. He is part of a wine dynasty that like many Barossa producers heralds from a progeny of German immigrants arriving in the late 19th Century (1888); instrumental in the creation of the South Australian wine industry. Colin Glaetzer, Ben’s father, set up the family business in 1995 and their ascension into wine celebrity has been rapid. In 2003 Amon Ra was awarded its first potential 100-point score from Robert Parker himself, catapulting them onto the world stage and cementing their place in the strong US market. Parker’s 100-point score surprised many as their wines are not manifested with the ‘archetypal’ blockbuster style associated with a 100 point Parker wine and instead Amon Ra has become better known for lovely elegance, structure and harmony that reflects Ben’s opinion that “there are more dimensions to Australian wine than many people give credit for.”
Amon Ra is 100% Shiraz harvested from vines 50 to 130 years in age. The wine is aged for 14 months in 100% new oak, with a proportion of 95% French and 5% American, which both contribute to the complex notes of smoke, toast, cedar, brioche and pineapple, which harmonises the fruits’ power further. The label depicts the eye of Horus, a powerful symbol of protection, which represents a figure consisting of six parts that correspond to the Egyptian six senses: touch, taste, hearing, sight, smell and thought. Ben’s philosophy behind his 100% flagship Shiraz Amon Ra is that it is a creation that appeals to each of these six senses. Anaperenna follows the exacting winemaking standards of the Amon Ra but diverges in its blend which is a seamless fusion of 82% Shiraz and 18% Cabernet Sauvignon. The vine age ranges from 30 to 100 years for the Shiraz and 30 to 130 for the Cabernet Sauvignon and the resulting wine is aged in 100% new oak, 92% French and 8% American, where it rests for 16 months. The bottle’s symbol on the label represents the Egyptian Ankh, which symbolises sunrise, regeneration, regrowth and renewal.

The Glaetzer family are extremely devoted to Barossa and all their fruit is sourced from a square mile of vineyards located in Ebenezer a small and highly celebrated sub-region. Their vines are ancient, producing low yields of concentrated and healthy fruit from vines that range from 80 to 130 years. Barossa also happens to be one of the last bastions of old vines which remain largely unaffected by the scourge of Phylloxera. The Glaetzers have been working with the same six grower families since the late 19th century. Minimal intervention results in wines that are balanced and elegant whilst retaining an unmistakably Barossa character.