In June this year we posited that Guigal’s incredible Chateau d’Ampuis 2010 is a remarkable wine, undervalued by the fine wine market. After all Guigal believes it has similar potential as the La Las, maintaining d’Ampuis is a competitive alternative: d’Ampuis is a blend of single vineyards. This made the 2010 an exciting opportunity to speculate on in the mid to long term, particularly as Guigal’s La Las cost in excess of £300 a bottle on release. Returns have been quick, since June the market price of Chateau d’Ampuis 2010 rose from our £550 release price, to £610 a case of 12 bottles.

On Friday evening Robert Parker released the newest issue of his Wine Advocate. Two of the most exciting revelations were the 100 point score awarded to Montrose 2010 (see our article here), yet Chateau d’Ampuis 2010 also stole the the show by being marked up to an incredible 99 points from its initial 94-96+. This is its highest ever score and instructively, now on par with the 98-100 point scoring 2010 La Las! As you could imagine we traded through our holdings on Friday evening and Monday morning, but held back a 10 case parcel we can offer today for £610 per 12 bottles. The wine appeared undervalued at 94-96+ points, giving it a Price Over Points (POP) Score of 39, now at 99 points and a POP score of 31, it represents superb investment potential and/or a wonderful drinking alternative to the La Las at 1/6 of the cost.  Noteworthy also is that Michael Ogier Cote Rotie Lancement 2010, which also scored 99 points costs £2,300 per case of 12.

Guigal’s Chateau d’Ampuis becomes much more expensive with age. The 96 and 95 point scoring 2003 and 1999 already trade at around £1,000 per case, as does the 1995, their first vintage, and the 1996, which scored considerably less.

VintageRP ScorePrice (6×75)

With only 2,000 cases made a year the 2010 will soon become a Guigal legend and highly sought after, the 99 point rescore will undoubtedly drive the price upwards, as such, it is advisable to secure a case today.
Guigal Chateau d’Ampuis 
Guigal purchased the famous Chateau d’Ampuis in 1995, an ancient fort built in the 12th Century and transformed it into a Renaissance chateau in the 16th Century style. In fact the Chateau (photo below) is cited amongst great Cote Rotie vines and bordered by the Rhone River itself. It has become the headquarters of the Guigal Estate, while the cellars and offices remain in the small village of Ampuis.

What is most interesting it is that around this privileged site the famed La Las vineyards’, La Mouline, La Landonne and La Turque herald. Yet, alongside these three world famous single vineyard plots, Guigal owns seven other ancient plots which represent the best terrior of their estate, each touching the vineyards of the La Las. The single vineyards of Le Grande PlanteeLe Clos and Le Gardesurround La Mouline; La Pavillon RougeLe Moulin and La Pommiere surround La Turque and La Viria sits to the east of La Landonne. The vineyards around La Mouline have an average age of 80 years and contain a significant percentage of Viognier. The vines touching La Turque have a similar age, while La Viria was re-planted in 2000. It is also extraordinary to think there is only 600 metres that separate all of these vineyards.

These outstanding single vineyards are vinified and aged separately in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for four weeks and 38 months in a combination of 100% new French Barrique and Foudres. The final Blend of d’Ampuis is 93% Syrah and 7% Viognier and only 2,000 cases are produced each year, roughly equivalent to the La Las taken together.

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