Empowering Wine Enthusiasts: Seamlessly Blend Tradition and Technology for Smart Wine Collection Financing with Jera and IG Wines.

At IG Wines, we take pride in navigating the complex world of fine wine for connoisseurs and investors. We are pleased to share our partnership with Jera Wine, a platform that marries tradition with technology, providing a smart financial tool for leveraging wine collections.

Jera brings a fresh perspective to the age-old art of wine collecting. It presents a straightforward solution for securing loans against fine wine, offering competitive loan-to-value rates that enhance the financial utility of your collection.

The platform, developed by a team with a deep understanding of the wine market and investment landscape, allows for swift and straightforward loan quotations, transforming your collection into a liquid asset with ease.

Understanding the Details

  • Loan-to-Value (LTV): Jera offers an LTV of 50-60%, enabling loans of up to 60% of your collection’s market value.
  • Interest Rate: Competitive rates of 10-12% are a testament to the value Jera sees in your collection.
  • Term Length: Choose from 1-3 year terms for flexibility in financial planning, with no penalties for early repayment.
  • Loan Initiation Fee: A clear 2% fee is applied to initiate the loan process.
  • Eligible Collateral: Only premium wines with proven secondary market performance and impeccable provenance are considered, with a preference for those kept in bond.

The Process

  • Valuation: Receive an immediate valuation based on the latest Liv-ex data via Jera’s proprietary system.
  • Transfer: Your wines are transported to secure storage, ensuring their condition with premium shipping services.
  • Leverage: Secure your loan with the confidence that your wine is appreciating in optimal conditions.

Engaging with Jera

To learn how Jera can enhance your investment strategy and help realise the full value of your wine collection, contact your Account Manager for an introduction.

Explore Jera’s offerings at jerawine.com and allow us to assist you in a smooth process that honours your dedication to wine collecting.