Antonio Moretti of Tenuta Sette Ponti is probably finding his Oreno has a bit of a bitter after-taste this weekend, not to mention the atmosphere around the family dinner table probably a little awkward.  Along with his son, Andrea, Antonio is being held under house arrest while companies and assets worth an estimated €25.5m euros have been seized from him and his associates. This includes 180 properties, 500 hectares of land and 14 companies including the beloved Sette Ponti winery in Arezzo. 13 executives were arrested during this sting operation, donned ‘Paradiso’ or ‘Paradise’, and four put under house arrest of which the Moretti father and son duo are accused of being at the helm.

According to Italian newspaper Firenze Repubblica, the action comes after an investigation into the groups holdings and financial activities by the ‘Guardia di Finanza’, and enforced by the judge of the Court of Arezzo who described ‘a criminal association aimed at the commission of tax, bankruptcy and money laundering’.

It will be interesting to see how this story develops and what implications this will have for the future of Tenuta Setti Ponti.

Gemma Wood