According to a tweet by Jancis Robinson MW, ‘I’m told @phelan_segur has been sold, to Belgian owner of SeaInvest. Current team to remain in place, further investment planned’, rumours are disseminating that the property of Château Phélan-Ségur in Saint- Saint-Estèphe has been sold to Philippe Van de Vyvere, the owner of Sea-Invest, one of Europe’s largest shipping firms. Though the Château was put on sale around two months ago, details of this rumour are yet to be confirmed.

There has been huge investment recently into the Estate considerably improving the quality of the wines and pushing them towards a cru classé. It is conceivable however that the Gardiniers are now wanting to channel their focus on the famous Paris restaurant Taillevant and one of Champagne’s leading hotels, Les Crayères in Reims.

Proudly looking over the Gironde Estuary since the early 19th century, the Gardinier family has been at the head of the castle since 1985 producing Phelan Sugar wines famous for their elegance, finesse and balance.

Greater investment can only further the quality of this already exceptional wine, reaching the heights of its neighbouring estates such as Château Calon Ségur. This is one to watch, after a great 2016 we can only expect more from this exciting Château.