IG Wines proprietary software allows clients to track and manage their holdings online. Whether wines bought and stored with IG Wines or purchased elsewhere, wines can be collated on the IG Wines platform. Users are shown their live portfolio with current market prices, individual and overall performance and summary statistics. Wines that have been sold, delivered or transferred are also documented within the portfolio. This allows users to track all their wine holdings in one place, whether they lie with IG Wines, another merchant or in a private cellar.

Wines in the portfolio are displayed with current critic scores and drinking windows, enabling clients to always sell or consume their wines at the optimal time. Any wines purchased through IG Wines are automatically populated in the portfolio upon payment. Complimenting the portfolio software is the IG Wines iOS app. This provides a streamlined experience of the IG Wines portfolio software on your mobile devices. Users can access the IG Wines magazine, offers and blog posts alongside their holdings.