We offer a unique service for fine wine managed accounts, focusing on managing complete holdings for investment, with no management fees. We offer free portfolio restructuring where we advise on selling and re-buying wine to maximise investment, or to tailor for consumption. We select the wines purchased based on investment horizons and risk.

With the assistance of your expert account manager, IG Wines can help you grow your existing holdings or build a well-rounded portfolio from scratch. Our account managers constantly monitor the market on your behalf and highlight opportune moments to buy into a new position or exit a pre-existing one. Whether your interest is consumption, investment or a combination of the two. Buying opportunities will be assessed on individual merit, whether for their potential price appreciation or reward from laying down to drink in the future.

For all managed accounts we reduce our brokering exit commission from 10% to 7.5%. Our managed accounts get access to the leading, highly allocated, investment wines at first tranche release prices, helping to maximise returns. We work together with the client on an annual strategy and execute accordingly. All transactions and a full audit is held in the clients online account, which also provides real-time pricing. When we exit a position, we do so by establishing a market price. We look to buy opportunistically, searching for deals below market, which offer excellent entry points.

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