IG Wines pride ourselves on supplying industry leading market analysis to our clients. Our account managers and analysts use a variety of quantitative mechanisms to monitor market movements, forecast future adjustments and curate market reports.

General offers are accompanied with critic reviews and scores, projected market prices, vintage premium and market discount, among other metrics. This quantitative approach to wine investment enables IG Wines to give informative recommendations on which wines to acquire at opportune moments to maximise returns and offer the best prices in the market.

IG Wines have found performance of past vintages to be a reliable indicator of a new vintages potential. We therefore use this tool to form part of our analysis of every new release. This helps us to make informed decisions on what wines to recommend to our clients, aiding them to build a balanced, diverse investment portfolio, stocked with wines geared to maximising returns.

IG Wines also monitor the performance of fine wine indices, from Liv-EX, against their counterparts in other commodities and the major world indices. This allows us to monitor fine wines performance against other commodities, such as gold, silver and crude oil and compare gains to those achieved in the FTSE100, Nasdaq, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nikkei 225.

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