IG Wines Cellar Plan is an excellent option for those wishing to start a new wine portfolio or build on their existing holdings. From as little as £100 per month and no minimum sign up length. Regular monthly instalments are held as money on account until sufficient funds to make a purchase have been accrued. Buying opportunities will be assessed on individual merit, whether for their potential price appreciation or reward from laying down to drink in the future.

As your funds accumulate, your account manager will monitor your portfolio and the market, highlighting strategic buying opportunities and opportune times to exit positions. Your account manager will ensure your holdings grows into a balanced portfolio, whether your interest is consumption, investment or a combination of the two. An investment focused portfolio will be filled with wines to maximise returns with positions geared towards short, medium and long term holds. A consumption dominant portfolio can also be curated. Over the course of several years you can assemble a brilliant portfolio for future consumption, after 10 years of adding a little every month, you will have a world class wine cellar. The third option is a portfolio with elements of both investment and consumption focused wines. The exact ratio of the two factions will be discussed and decided with the client.


If you decide to opt out of your Cellar Plan within a year of signing up, you will be liable to cover all outstanding costs associated with storage and insurance for the first year. If you wish to unsubscribe, IG Wines can continue to store your wines, whereupon standard storage and insurance rates will be applicable.

If you request delivery of any of your wines, duty and VAT will be applicable (rates dependent on time of release). All stock bought and sold through IG Wines is subject to IG Wines’ terms of sale. To view please visit our Terms & Conditions.