Burgundy is not a high production region at the best of times. And while 2021 was certainly a struggle by way of quantity (some parts even down 90%!), the cooler vintage offers welcome relief from the slightly rounder vintages that preceded it. We are very excited to see a return to Burgundy as we know and love it; silky, tense and with that signature delicate nuance so unique to the best of Burgundy.

Compte Armand

Vintage Report

It is no secret that the Burgundy 2021 vintage will be one of the smallest in recent history, largely due to a series of frosts that hit the region from the 6th to 9th of April. But despite the reduction in quantity, from a qualitative perspective, this is a wonderful return to the elegance of classical Burgundy after several warmer vintages.

Focus Domaine | Bitouzet-Prieur

As with many of Burgundy’s great Domaines, Bitouzet-Prieur is the result of a marriage which united two Burgundian families, the Bitouzet family that settled in Volnay in 1804 and wife’s Annie Prieur family, with vineyards located in Ladoix and Meursault. Today the Domaine spans 12 hectares across some of the finest 1er Cru Sites in the Cote de Beaune under which approximately one-third has been planted with Chardonnay and the other two-thirds with Pinot Noir.

Bitouzet-Prieur Cover

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