We are pleased to announce the release of our En Primeur page for the 2020 campaign. There are several features designed to provide a more informative experience such as the ability to compare the new releases with their counterparts from past vintages spanning from 2010-2019. The tabs on the table separate the past vintages and allow a direct comparison of the new vintage’s scores, POP scores (*), release prices and current market prices.

IG Wines have recently tasted through the new vintage, our opinions and advice will be included in our mailout offers when each wine releases. If you do not receive our offers, please email info@igwines.com to subscribe. If you wish to receive further information or purchase any of the wines listed below, please click on ‘Enquire’ and complete the form. If any of the wines are listed as ‘Sold Out’ please do let us know of your interest by info@igwines.com as more stock may become available later.

(*) The POP score is calculated by dividing the current price of a 12-bottle case by a 20-point score from The Wine Advocate – this is created by simply subtracting 80 from the original score. Scoring the wines out of 20 increases the weighting of each point and works on the assumption that no wine that scores below 80 points merits investment. The POP score is a useful tool in highlighting value, where the lower the score, the greater the value should be.